It’s not the news that Bush reads Lincoln…

…it’s that Bush reads.

In his exit-stage-right press conference yesterday, GWB mentioned that he’d been reading the writings of Abraham Lincoln during his presidency. Um. Awkward. Because a couple of years ago I heard him interviewed about his reading habits, about which, he stated, he had none.

Also, to wit, during Obama’s appearance on last Sunday’s Meet The Press, the president-to-be was asked about how he was preparing for his inauguration speech. He said that he was studying Abe Lincoln’s address. In fact, during the last year or two, I’ve heard him say that he admired Lincoln and studied the way he ran his presidency.

So…um…is Bush, like, maybe not admitting he’s a total failure, disliked, hated or loathed by the majority of the U.S. population, but…um…trying to copy the guy who really IS cool? Who really is a success? Who people really like and…dare I say…respect?

How are fiction writers supposed to fully flex their imaginations when reality keeps coming up with this stuff?!


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The change begins. This week, Christina Romer, Obama’s nominee for chair of economic advisers, invites us (everyone – particularly U.S. citizens) to be part of the economic discussion. She asks, How is the economic crisis impacting you?


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Keith Olbermann Special Comment: California Proposition 8

God bless you, Keith Olbermann. You have heart and you make sense. Why on earth does anyone give so much time, energy and thought opposing whatever nonviolent, loving thing goes on with consent between any two adults?!  Thank you, Keith, for your compassion and wisdom.

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