Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric

Perhaps the reason McCain decided to “suspend” his campaign? Running scared, my friends. Running scared. Speaking of scary…


7 Responses

  1. What an insult to the American people McCain’s choice for V.P. turned out to be.

  2. Egads is an understatement. Can you imagine her negotiating with the likes of Putin? Yikes.

  3. Does she have terrorist ties or has she gone to Church for 20 years with a pastor that is against the Whitey? Hell he was even against the candidate you were going to vote for… Hillary. Vote for Blackey terrorist with the other people that want to tax the top 2% that pay 45% of all taxes so that they can take their businesses elsewhere. You can make fun of Palin, but at least she stood up against the big boys. Your boy Obama actually voted more with Bush than McCain did. She’s fresh, she has no ties with Bill Ayres who blew up things against the government, believes in GOD, salutes the flag, is not a SOCIALIST with Marxist tendencies… Like Obama…
    In a way… I hope you guys get what you and Michael Moorist’s are after. Even if you do and we and Israel get nuked… you will find a way to blame it on Bush. It is what you do. Obama, was the 2nd Highest person that mad money off of Fannie may and Freddie Mac. Does your media cover that? No. They are more concerned about Sarah shooting wolves form airplanes. How many animals did you kill?

    You cannot reason with a fanatic.

    McCanin is on record in 2006 for calling for investigating what was going on with Fannie and Freddie but noone listened.

  4. Who is the lunatic, Terrrance?

  5. Obama is american plain and simple. My Grandma’s Parents came from Germany,and my grandma is 94 years old and as American as they come. That whole Obama terrorist smear campaign is so wrong half way intelligent people see right through it. To me terrence is so pissed off with the very notion that Obama a black man who is very intelligent might become the President of the United States. I think the Pallin selection was a desperate move by McCanin to pick up votes from her that he thought would gain him the presidential office
    and did not realize how uniformed she truly. Oh but he is a Maverick!!

  6. I’ll be watching the debate tonight (and SNL version of it on Saturday).

  7. Is your facts right? I am not trying to be a bad guy, on the other hand I don’t spot how this makes over all sense! I often have to check the same stupid things out for myself on my own Political Satire site, here… White Rabbit Cult… but what you wrote is important, and I will place a link back to your site. Peace!

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